VAT cut
Due to the current situation and the resulting decline in purchasing power, the German Federal Government has reduced its VAT rate.
We’re delighted to pass on this tax cut to you.

Color Kick

Dyeing those faded trousers, pimping the boring white T-shirt, or decorating the living room in your new favourite colour—those who want to give a new look to old clothing or textiles such as cushion covers, curtains, or tablecloths or simply feel like having something new, don’t need to spend lots of money for new things: they can simply be dyed.

When is it worthwhile dyeing textiles?

Which fabric dye is right for me?

Buy new or dye new?

Dyeing fabrics in the washing machine

Most fabrics can be dyed cleanly and conveniently in the washing machine. Exceptions to this rule are sensitive materials such as certain types of wool or silk. These should be dyed by hand in a pot or in a bowl .