How do I dye in a bowl or bucket?


How do I dye in a bowl or bucket?

When dyeing in a bowl or bucket you must wear rubber gloves.
Here’s what you do:

  • Heat 6 L of water to at least 60°C (60°C = 4 L of boiling + 2 L of cold water) and pour into a plastic bowl or bucket.

  • Next, dissolve the simplicol textile dye in the water.

  • When dyeing silk, you also need to add about 300 ml of vinegar (or 50 ml of 25% vinegar essence).

  • Fully immerse the clean fabric in the dye bath and dye for one hour while stirring.

  • Rewash the textile at 40°C using detergent.

You can then add fixative to your dyed clothing. This makes it colourfast up to 40°C.

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