You can dye machine-washable silk in the washing machine or in a bowl. Incidentally, this can be done irrespective of the temperature specification on the care label. Even a silk item that has to be washed at 30°C can be dyed at 60°C. However, the silk textile should only be spun very gently or preferably not at all.

Silk that is only suitable for hand-washing should be dyed in a pot.

When dyeing silk, always add vinegar: 750 ml for machine dyeing or 300 ml per 6 L of water when dyeing in a bowl or pot.

Dyeing silk in the washing machine

After dyeing, remove the sachet from the drum and rewash the dyed silk textile in the machine with detergent according to the care label.


Dyeing silk in a bowl

Machine-washable silk can also be dyed in a bowl.

Find instructions for dyeing in a bowl here.


Dyeing delicate silks

Silk that is not suitable for machine washing or very delicate silk can be dyed at 60°C in a pot, even if the care label recommends a lower temperature.

Dyeing silk in a pot: see the instructions.

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