Several factors might cause the dye to be blotchy.

There was too much fabric in the washing machine

Never dye more than 1,200 g (dry weight) of fabric at any one time.

For bulky materials, such as terry cloth or flannelette, this should be reduced to 800 g.

The fabric contains finishes such as fabric softener, agents used to disinfect the laundry, or waterproofing agents
In this case, the dye cannot be absorbed evenly into the clothing. We recommend washing fabrics once with a detergent that does not contain fabric softener prior to dyeing.

If you dyed in a bowl, you may not have stirred the textiles sufficiently.
When dyeing in a bowl, the piece of clothing being dyed must be constantly stirred, otherwise the dye might be distributed unevenly and the fabric might become blotchy.

Too little water can also cause blotches
When dyeing in a bowl or pot, use the recommended amount of water—6 L per 300 g (dry weight) of fabric.

Modern washing machines do not use a lot of water. The innovative liquid formula in our Textile Dye intensive has been specifically developed for this. The dye dissolves immediately for an intense, even dyeing result without blotches.

When using Textile Dye expert and the Back-to… products, we recommend using an extra rinse option, if available.

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