Bag dyeing

Bye plastic bag! Hello, cloth bag! Those who love the environment always reach for reusable cloth bags. These cotton bags turn into real gems if you dye them with simplicol Fabric Dye expert.

Folding for bold patterns

Instead of the classic batik circles, this pretty carrier has a hint of a chequered pattern. It looks stylish and modern, and also blends in for a shopping spree in your office outfit.

Folding and dyeing: we show you how



Folding and dip-dyeing

You can obtain even finer colour lines when dip-dyeing. In this case, tie up the bag as described above. For dyeing, however, you don't place the whole cloth bag in the dye bath. Rather you only dip the sides successively, each for half an hour. A skirt hanger is practical to fasten the folded bag and hang it in the dye bath

Find the perfect colour for summery cloth bags