Cupcake colours

Sweet ideas for your home.

Colourful and cheerful, or pretty and romantic: pastel cupcake colours transition effortlessly between retro chic and romantic. Find out here how easy it is to pep up cushions, tablecloths, serviettes, and laundry using these delicate shades.

We’ve used simplicol Fabric Dye Intensive in Magnolia Pink, Orchid Purple, Celestial Blue, Pastel Green, and Lagoon Blue for all the dyeing ideas in this guide. Simply use these dyes in the washing machine.

You will need:

  • White lace doilies made of cotton, viscose, linen, or blends. The content of other fibres (e.g. wool, silk, and synthetic fibres) must not exceed 50 per cent. The resulting colour shade is lighter when used on blends.
  • simplicol Fabric Dye Intensive in your chosen colour.

How it’s done

How it’s done

How it’s done

Our tip: You can also use simplicol Fabric Dye Intensive in pastel shades to create colourful chair covers, tablecloths, and table runners.