Refreshing cushions

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New cushions, new look. With DIY dyed cushions, you give your lounge and bedroom a whole new touch, without having to dig deep into your pocket. All you need is white covers, ideally made from cotton, and simplicol fabric dyes.

Cushions in three dyeing techniques

Fluffy cushion on the left

This cushion stands out with a soft and cuddly cover. The intense red tone fits perfectly here. The cushion was dyed in the washing machine with Ruby Red Fabric Dye intensive.

Cushion in the middle

This two-tone cushion was dyed using the dip-dye technique. First, one side is dyed, then the other. Dissolve one of the two Fabric Dye expert colours into a bowl according to the package instructions. If necessary, mark the desired stripe width on the cushion with tailor’s chalk. Hang one side of the cushion in the dye bath for about 30 minutes. A skirt hanger is practical for this. Now rinse the fabric with fresh water. Next, prepare the dye bath with the second Fabric Dye expert colour and repeat the previous steps. Finally, wash the fabric with a mild detergent. In this example, we used simplicol Fabric Dye expert in Reed Green and Cherry Red.

Batik cushion on the right

For the batik pattern on this cushion, we used the simplicol Fabric Dye expert colour shades Reed Green and Ivy Green. First, tie the cushion to create the classic batik circles and soak it in a dye bath with Fabric Dye expert Reed Green for an hour. Now, rinse the tied fabric with fresh water. Next, prepare the second dye bath in the Ivy Green and dip the corners as well as the tail end (and thus the centre of the cushion), each for about 30 minutes. Finally, rinse the fabric with fresh water again and wash it with a mild detergent.

Dyeing pillows

Colourful dreams effortlessly

Create an individual look with DIY dyed pillows and duvet covers. This can be achieved so quickly and easily with simplicol Fabric Dye intensive. These products are very convenient to use in the washing machine.

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