DUtorial summer cushions ice batiks

Discover the coolest application simplicol has to offer!

Ice cubes and simplicol textile dye expert make a dream team. A great example of this are these summery cushions in poppy red and maize yellow. Lean your head back, close your eyes and relax with the cushion special effect. Have fun re-colouring with the step-by-step instructions!

You need

  • a bowl
  • a grate or grid
  • a cushion cover in white
  • simplicol textile dye expert in poppy-red and corn-yellow
  • a pack of simplicol colour fixer expert
  • elastic bands
  • two cardboard strips the length of the cushion cover or alternatively rails from the DIY store
  • Ice cubes
  • Gloves

So eisbatiken Sie Kissenbezüge

Everything at hand? Then you’re ready to go.

Fold the cushion cover like an accordion and tie it off with rubber bands at even intervals.

Now clamp the tied cover between two cardboard strips or rails and fix them with rubber bands as well.

Place in the centre of a grid over a bowl and cover with ice cubes. Now cut open the colour bag corn-yellow and sprinkle the colour on the ice cubes. Leave gaps for the second colour.

The poppy-red textile dye is then sprinkled into these gaps. This is how the suggested check pattern on the cushions is created later.

Now you need to be a little patient. Leave your cushion to rest like this for 24 hours.

Then rinse the pillow, still tied, under running water until the water remains clear.

Now add the colour fixer to 8 litres of cold water and place the set pillowcase in it.

The cushion remains in the fixing bath for 15 minutes and is moved in between. Then rinse well.

The cool ice batik cushion cover is ready.

Have fun dyeing!

The result will make you melt

Miyabi and Sükrü show how to ice batik cushion covers in the DUtorial video. It’s all very easy – only Sükrü needed a little tuition in accordion folding.

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