Creative dyeing and batik - it's that easy

Simply dye individual items yourself

Dye and design clothes and home textiles individually. With simplicol textile dye you can easily turn your ideas into reality. Our expert for creative dyeing is simplicol textile dye expert. It is suitable for every dyeing technique.

Creative techniques for the simplicol textile dye expert are for example:

  • Batik/Tie-Dye in bowl or washing machine
  • Dipping technique/dip-dye, ombré
  • Batik with ice cubes
  • Application with spray bottle or brush

For creative dyeing in the washing machine, you can also use simplicol intensive textile dye. We have compiled tips and techniques for creative dyeing and batik for you here. Let us inspire you!

Batiks and Tie-Dye

In batik, you tie off the fabrics before dyeing. This creates circles or lines, for example. The different binding possibilities make this technique particularly versatile. You can do batik in the bowl and in the washing machine. With bowl dyeing, several colours can be combined.

Dipping Technique, Dip-Dye, Ombré

With this technique, you dip or hang the fabric in one or more dye baths. This creates beautiful colour gradients. Clothes and home textiles in the dip-dye look often look particularly elegant. Dyeing is done in a bowl or, for larger items, in a laundry tub.

Ice batiks

With this cool technique, you place the fabric on a grid and cover it completely with ice cubes. Then sprinkle on the textile dye. Leave the paint and ice to work for 24 hours. During this time, strong colour gradients or chic patterns are created.

More creative techniques

Have you ever coloured with shaving foam? Or with the drip technique? With simplicol you can put your ideas into practice creatively and colourfully. Discover many more ideas for original creative techniques here.

Dye in the bowl

Preparation tips

The right fabric

Fabrics made of cotton, linen, silk, viscose and wool are suitable for dyeing. Also mixed fabrics made of these fibres with max. 50 % synthetics such as polyester, polyamide and polyacrylic. The best result is achieved on smooth, light fabrics. Please pre-wash the fabric once with detergent and without fabric softener before dyeing. Sensitive wool such as mohair, cashmere, angora or merino cannot be dyed.

Tools of the trade

You know how and what you want to design? Great. Then all you need to do is get your tools ready. For example, rubber gloves, bowls, simplicol colour fixer expert, material for setting or dipping. If necessary, also think of a bowl for transport to the sink. Always rinse the dyed textiles under running water.

Protected from splashes

Please always wear rubber gloves when dyeing and protect your clothes and the surrounding area from unwanted splashes of dye.

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