Back-to-Blue: Intensive Blue

To renew and refresh the colour.

For a Blue as good as new. Just like new!

Key features of Back-to-Blue

  • Rescues faded fabric, restores the colour
  • Easy to use in the washing machine at 40°C.
  • Clean: Safe for the washing machine.
  • All in 1: Complete dye mixture in one sachet.

Application: How to dye

Place the clean, dry fabric in the washing machine or top loader.

Cut open the sachet and place it directly on the textiles in the drum.

Start a 40°C easy-care programme without pre-wash and select the water plus button, if possible.

Remove the sachet. Rewash the dyed textiles once with detergent in the machine according to the care label.

These fabrics can be dyed

simplicol Back-to-Blue is suitable for all textiles made from cotton, viscose, linen, and mixed fabrics.

Mixed fabrics are textiles made from the above-mentioned natural fibres with a maximum of 50% polyester, polyamide, and polyacrylic content.

Textile quantity and colour depth

  • One packet of Back-to-Blue dyes approximately 600 g of fabric to the full shade (weigh dry fabric on kitchen scales if necessary).
  • This is equivalent to 1 pair of jeans, 3 hand towels, 4 T-shirts, or 1 bath towel.
  • A larger wash load will result in a lighter tone.
  • For each dyeing process
    • Use a maximum of 2 Back-to-Blue packages.
    • and dye to no more than 1,200 g of laundry at any one time.

Important information

  • The fabric must be clean and stain-free. Before dying, wash out any fabric softeners, finishes, and agents used to disinfect the laundry.
  • Patterns often remain visible after dyeing. Polyester stitching and zips do not absorb the colour.
  • Stains, faded spots, or bleach marks are sometimes not completely concealed by the dye.
  • You cannot dye pure synthetics such as polyester, polyamide, and acrylic, textiles with special finishes, or wool and silk. For wool and silk, we recommend simplicol Textile Dye expert.
  • In the unlikely event that residual dye remains on the machine and plastic components, you can wipe it off with a 5% to 10% solution of standard chlorine bleach.

Good to know

One rewash is enough
This will remove any residual dye from the textile and the washing machine.

Residue-free: safe for the washing machine
The dye does not damage the washing machine or subsequent loads. No colour particles are left behind.

The colour holds: no staining, no bleeding
simplicol Back-to-Blue has a lasting effect. Coloured textiles can be washed according to the care label (cold up to 95°C).

Dyeing advice

Our experts are happy to help.