Ecologically safe

Nothing comes closer to us than our second skin—our clothing. This is not the place for harmful substances!

Quality dyes from Germany
We therefore only use high-quality, constantly monitored quality dyes from one of the largest German manufacturers, which is a member of the Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers (ETAD), for our simplicol products. simplicol textile dyes are then manufactured at our headquarters in Warburg, Westphalia/Germany.

Constantly monitored
ETAD ensures, through self-regulation, that critical colourants are no longer manufactured or distributed by its member companies, even if these colourants are still legally permissible.

Recycling with style
People often say that dyeing burdens the environment. However, they forget that the burden owing to the production of new goods is often much greater. Anyone who recycles their clothing by dyeing it themselves consequently lowers the production of new fabric. As a result, the environmental burden associated with new production through the cleaning, bleaching, mercerising, and treatment of natural fibres is also reduced.
It therefore also makes ecological sense to redye instead of to buy.