Fabric dye for use in a washing machine, bowl, or bucket.

Creative dyeing is easy and safe with simplicol Fabric Dye expert. Get inspired and try out your colourful design ideas on clothes and home textiles.

The fabric dye is especially suitable for use on cotton, viscose, linen, and blends, as well as silk and wool (except for mohair, cashmere, angora, merino). Use at 60°C.

Our recommendation: Wash the dyed textiles at up to 40°C on a delicates programme with clothes and fabrics of a similar colour.

How to use: dyeing in the washing machine

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Important Information

Use a maximum of three simplicol Fabric Dye expert packets each time. • Dye up to 1.2 kg of laundry at once. • Patterns often remain visible after dyeing. Polyester stitching and zips will not absorb the colour. • Stains, faded spots, and bleach marks are not always completely concealed by the dye. • Pure synthetics such as polyester, polyamide, and polyacrylic, as well as fabrics with special finishes, cannot be dyed. • In the unlikely event of residual dye in the machine or on plastic parts, it can be wiped away easily with citric acid or commercially available chlorine bleach.


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