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  • For purists: dye bath with single-colour gradient

    Pure elegance can be so easy.

    Turn your fabric into a stylish, one-off item with just one dip.

    Gentle colour gradients are a typical feature of dip-dyed fabrics.

    If you want a subtle, stylish look, simply dip your textiles in a dye bath without tying them. For a cheerful and fresh colour effect, tie the textiles or add some bold sprinkles.


    Dip-dyeing: master the basics

    For purists: dye bath with single-colour gradient

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    Colour sensation: dip-dyeing plus flamboyant sprinkles

    Stylish knits: dye your own knitting yarn

    Puristischer Schick kann so leicht sein.

    Machen Sie aus Ihrem Textil in nur einem Tauchgang ein edles Einzelstück.

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