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In the application video we show you how easy it is to use simplicol intensive textile dye in the washing machine.

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Love colour, live more colourfully – it’s easy with simplicol intensive textile dye for use in the washing machine. Give your clothes and home textiles a new look with just one wash.

The textile dye is suitable for cotton, viscose, linen and mixed fabrics. It is applied directly in the drum at 40 °C. The liquid colour dissolves there. There, the liquid colour dissolves immediately and ensures an even, brilliant colouring without stains.


Loosely place the clean fabric in the washing machine or top loader. Then open the bottle and the bag and place them directly on the textiles in the drum. After closing the washing machine, start the washing programme 40°C easy-care without prewash. When the washing programme is finished, remove the bottle and the bag. Wash the dyed textiles again with detergent in the washing machine according to the laundry label.

The dyed textiles can then be washed in future according to the laundry label (up to 95°C).

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