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simplicol textile dye intensive

Peach Splash

Limited Edition

Delicate rosé meets sun-ripened peaches! Discover our exclusive LIMITED EDITION Peach Splash. The trendy colour of the year in a fresh peach shade is the perfect choice for trendy re-dyeing, colouring and refreshing your textiles. Take your style to the next level with our complete package of liquid colour and effective fixing powder!

The simplicol textile colour Intensive Peach Splash, a warm peach shade, radiates a subtle freshness reminiscent of the first warm rays of spring sunshine.
of spring. The colour stands for optimism, creativity and the renewal of nature. With a hint of rosé and a soft orange tone, Peach Splash is a harmonious blend that is both calming and revitalising. Discover the hottest colour of the year for your creative do-it-yourself projects now!

Textile dye for use in the washing machine.

Color up your life:

It’s easy with simplicol intensive textile colour. Give your clothes and home textiles a new look in just one wash. The textile dye is suitable for cotton, viscose, linen and mixed fabrics. It is used directly in the drum at 40 °C. The liquid colour dissolves immediately and ensures even, brilliant colouring without stains. The dyed textiles can then be washed according to the laundry label
(up to 95 °C)

Peach Splash is the perfect colour to stand out and make a fashion statement. Whether you want to spice up your wardrobe or freshen up your home textiles, simplicol Intensive Peach Splash textile dye will become your new favourite colour! Let your creativity run wild and bring a touch of positive energy to your textiles!

Textilfarbe intensiv

Peach Splash