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Colourful, colourful, simplicol – The textile colours from simplicol are so popular mainly because they are so uncomplicated to use and always produce brilliant results.

Textile dye intensiv

Add fresh colour to your ideas. With simplicol intensive textile dye, you can dye easily and safely in the washing machine at 40°C. It is suitable for re-dyeing and refreshing. It is suitable for re-dyeing, re-colouring and refreshing. The complete package for one dyeing contains liquid dye and fixing powder with salt. Both are added directly to the drum and ensure an even, intensive dyeing.

Textile dye expert

Create beautiful unique pieces to wear and for your home. With the simplicol textile dye expert, creative techniques such as batik, dip-dye or shibori are just as successful as re-dyeing, re-colouring and freshening up clothes. Textile dye expert 60°C is used in the bowl, washing machine or pot. It is also suitable for wool and silk.

Back to Black, Back to Blue

Look forward to intense colours like on the first day – let faded textiles shine again in intense blue or black. You can use the Back-to-Black and Back-to-Blue textile dyes to renew and refresh colours easily, safely and cleanly in the washing machine at 40°C. The fast-dissolving concentrate dyes particularly evenly, even in modern water-saving machines.

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