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simplicol textile dye

Ready to add more colour to your life and live out your creative streak? Immerse yourself in the fascinating, colourful world of simplicol! With our textile dyes, you can turn old items of clothing into unique one-offs and design your home accessories in individual colours that are guaranteed to catch the eye.

Even if you have never worked with textile paint before, you can achieve impressive and vibrant results with simplicol.

Our three colour ranges cover all your creative needs and offer you a wide range of colour options.

in the washing machine


Give your textiles a touch of colour with simplicol intensive textile dye! With our high-quality textile dye, you can easily and safely dye your fabrics in the washing machine at 40°C. The simplicol intensive textile dye is perfect for re-dyeing, re-colouring and refreshing garments and other textiles. The complete pack for dyeing contains liquid colour and fixing powder with salt. Simply add both components directly to the drum and enjoy the even and intensive colouring!

In the bowl


Create beautiful unique pieces to wear and for your home! The simplicol textile dye expert was specially developed for creative batik techniques such as tie-dye, dip-dye, ombré or shibori. It also makes re-dyeing, re-colouring and refreshing the colour a breeze.

The simplicol textile dye expert can be used at 60°C in a bowl, in a pot or in the washing machine. Let your creativity run wild!

in the washing machine


Make faded items shine again in intense black. The simplicol Back-to-Black textile dye is easy, safe and clean to use in the washing machine at 40°C. The fast-dissolving concentrate colours particularly evenly, even in modern water-saving machines. To a black like new!

The color is a mega invention❤️ I didn't want to throw away my favourite old white jeans, so I dyed them with simplicol. The colour worked a miracle and dyed my trousers very quickly and evenly - I'm thrilled!